It was really nice to have Ewan round for a photo-shoot, even if he is the first newborn I’ve met who is pretty much capable of rolling over and is non-stop hungry and pooed on the floor. Once he’d calmed down, thanks to lots of feeding he showed that he is very photogenic. It was [...]


Over the past Month I’ve had the pleasure of doing the product shots for the relaunch of Love Keep Create’s business, a company that has grown massively within the space of a couple of years thanks to a beautiful product range and a beautiful idea.   They take your childs old babygrows and other clothes [...]


This is the second in a series of posts sharing  surreal self portraits that I have photographed and digitally manipulated.  I will be developing a new self portrait everyday throughout lent.   If you would like to see more of these images please check out the first post in this series.   If you’ve any [...]


I’m a firm believer in the thought that it’s better to take something up for lent rather than to give something up for lent. So with that in mind I introduce the start of my Lent Project. I’ve been taking one self portrait a day that attempts to make you laugh or cry. Below are [...]

26008_10150117189105471_188709_n (1)

Most people have never booked a photographer, let alone a photographer for the most important day of their lives, so it can be a daunting and confusing experience. I’ve put this blog post together to help you consider exactly what you need from your wedding photography and make you aware of some points you might [...]

Black and White photography can place an emphasis on composition and create a focus on the narrative.

Technology has changed photography so much in the last few years, yet one thing remains the same, we still love black and white, especially for wedding and portrait photography. But quite why, with the world having had commercially available colour photography since 1907, are we still infatuated with black and white over 100 years later. As a [...]


There’s a familiar cliche that tells us a picture speaks a thousand words. What the adage is trying to convey is the fantastic communicative power of the image. A photograph is, after all, not just a means of filling space, but a way of telling a story, a way of adding details and capturing something [...]

A longer list will take up more time

Traditionally wedding photographers have been very happy to promote numerous wedding group photos because they have guaranteed them a return in print sales. Not just for this reason though, it also guaranteed that everyone was included in the final photos so their presence and their glad-rags would be remembered. The best thing about contemporary wedding [...]

Photo of wedding rings on top of one another

Not everyone’s wedding photography needs will be the same. I want to get my disclaimer out early because there’s a danger in sharing a list like this that the reader will go away thinking everything is set in stone and there is no creativity or freedom. On the contrary this wedding photography check list is [...]

The Ceiling of Wollaton Hall's Kitchens

I remember whenever going on a field trip in school, and college the art teachers would always say look up. Then they would rave about the architecture and insist that we really appreciate all the hidden details. Since then I’ve had an ingrained perspective which now I’m thankful for. I went on a tour of [...]

Google Image Search - autofill first words 'picture of'

There’s a couple of things that have motivated this post. Firstly I’ve got accepted as a contributor for iStockphoto. For those who don’t know this is one of the most popular and largest image stock libraries in the world. Users can search for and purchase photos, illustrations, videos and audio for relatively small fees and [...]

Check out nottinghamphotographs.co.uk on your mobile phone

Nottingham Photographs has just released a version of our site that has been specially designed to work on mobile phones. The new site works on the same url: www.nottinghamphotographs.co.uk but serves up a different design if you are viewing through a mobile phone. The great thing about this new design is it will make it [...]

Kodak announces it will sell off its film making departments.

Kodak has announced they are to sell off the film making side of the business to focus on Printing. This comes half a year after announcing they were to stop making Digital cameras, or indeed cameras of any kind. The reasons behind this are financial but it is trends in consumer use that has spawned [...]

Radio control car - reflections

Well photographed reflections can really add an extra element to product photography. They can help to create a clean and  polished appearance that helps products to stand out and look their best. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of lighting subjects from below and the problems that this technique solves. For this [...]

Skype Reunion

An almost clichéd picture in family portraits and documentary photography is of a maudlin subject clutching the portrait of a long lost family member or indeed themselves from the past. Whilst these pictures have been taken for many decades now in some way they are echoed in the ultra modern work of New York-based Singaporean [...]

What is a camera - diagram

When I tell people I enjoy creating pin hole photography with home made cameras the conversation inevitably moves to the science of cameras. Like many things in nature, there is a beautiful simplicity about photography that can often be buried in technical jargon. I love the magical feeling  this type of artistic photography can create [...]