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Most people have never booked a photographer, let alone a photographer for the most important day of their lives, so it can be a daunting and confusing experience. I’ve put this blog post together to help you consider exactly what you need from your wedding photography and make you aware of some points you might not have thought about. This is purely a guide to help you decide what is right for yourselves; I have put across the pros and cons of a number of decisions about your wedding photography in the aim of helping to inform your choices.


The choices that we’ll be looking at in this blog post will be those that effect the budget of your wedding photography.


Should I have 1 or 2 photographers?


There are several advantages to having two photographers including some you may not have considered.


  • One photographer can photograph the bride’s preparations whilst the other the groom’s, in this way you have a record of both.
  • You have two views on the events that happen throughout the day, this can be crucial in the ceremony itself as it is often not possible to move around.
  • A second photographer can take couples aside during your group shots so you can have portraits of them in all their finery without taking up any time on your wedding day.
  • Lighting options can be greatly enhanced by having a second person there to hold a flash or reflector in the right place, which can make all the differences for the bride and groom portraits.


But is it right for you. If your wedding is a small event then it may well feel inappropriate to have two photographers present. Also, if you have a small budget for your photography, you may wish to save on this expense.


We offer a second photographer at £150 (inclusive with our premium package) for the day which we believe is excellent value considering the benefits that it brings you.


How much of the day do I want covered?


It is often possible to get a good discount if you are only wanting part of your day covered by a professional photographer. So if you’re willing cut down on the hours and miss out on things like, the bride’s preparation or the first dance, you can spend less.


We recommend having the whole day photographed from the preparations right through until the end. This is partly because shooting wedding photography is about telling a whole story and this is a hugely satisfying thing to do. We also believe that this will give you the best enjoyment from your wedding photographs in years to come.


We offer half day photography from £395 and full day photography from £600.


Should I get prints and album’s directly from the photographer?


If you’re on a tight budget, one simple way to save money is to buy only digital copies of your wedding images and have the prints done yourself. This is an ever more popular option. This has the added benefit that it puts you in complete control over your images and albums.


The disadvantages of this are that some couples, despite good intentions, won’t get round to organising their images until months after the wedding. Photographers work to a deadline and have a good knowledge of local and national printers, meaning that you are more likely to get prompt and high quality photographs if you hand this job over to your photographers.


When considering albums it is worth knowing that a photographer will have had experience putting them together, organising all the photos and presenting the story of the day. When you pay for albums from your photographers you are paying for this experience and expertise.



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After taking an interest in photography at an early age Jonty spent much of his late teens with a camera attached to his arm. He studied art foundation, took a gap year and went on to study photography at Nottingham Trent University. He has now established Nottingham Photographs as a professional photography service operating across the East Midlands.



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